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   P.O. BOX 3006
    50 Colorado Avenue
    Warwick RI 02886 USA
    PH: 508.761.5060
    800.42 BEADS (800.422.3237)
    FAX: 508.761.4580

Product Basics

Metal Qualities
Our standard metals are 14Kt Gold, Sterling Silver, 14/20 Gold Filled and Brass. Other alloys such as aluminum, 18Kt Gold and 10Kt Gold are available upon request (subject to quote minimums). All items are shipped raw (unplated).

Patterns and Textures
Click here for the wide selection of surface patterns and textures that are available.

Item Numbering
All items are identified with a 4 digit number which, when standing alone, indicates a plain or corrugated finish with no pattern or texture. When the 4 digit number is followed by a dash (-) and a one, two or three digit number, the last digits indicate the pattern or texture.

8736-74 indicates item #8736 with a 74 texture
8736-110 indicates item #8736 with a 110 texture

DRL = Drilled
S = Soldered
PP = Plain/Patterned
SC = Special Cut
CL = Closed
SHK = With Shank

Item Sizes
All items in this catalog are shown actual size. For your convenience, we have indicated critical measurements with items where specific sizes are important. (Please note that any items showing a surface pattern or texture other than plain or corrugated are purposely inserted to show a variety of finishes.)


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